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I Bought a Notebook

As the conventional wisdom goes, when one receives one’s first paycheck at a new job, one is entitled to one (1) frivolous purchase in the spirit of celebration. For my cousin Maria, a physical therapist, it was an expensive purse. For my best friend Sarah, a high school teacher, it was a bottle of wine for us to split at a restaurant. For me, Tyler Burgese, a humble intern for an education nonprofit, it was a new notebook.

The sexy little thing practically leapt off the shelf at FedEx and into my arms, begging to be written in but mostly looked at. It seemed like fate because that is precisely what I do with my notebooks. I won’t go too far into describing the notebook’s appearance because I often do so in a way that borders on objectification, but I will say that the pages are smooth (some might say irresistibly writable) and the cover features a fun, yet professional design involving triangles. And it’s spiral-bound, which is big for me.

I’d also like to quickly add that the size of my celebratory purchase ($8.63 after-tax) does not imply the density of my paycheck. For the first time in my young, gay life, I was paid more than $1,000 in one sitting and I am damn well proud of that. Also, slightly embarrassed because that’s far more than I ever made while managing a restaurant. All that’s required of me now is a working knowledge of various copy machines and, well, the Internet.

Though I have tried and failed many times, this new notebook represents yet another attempt at becoming the type of person who just “jots” things down regularly in a notebook (For what reason? Who cares!) and perhaps keeps it tucked away in a tote bag slung over my shoulder. Imagine me: jotting. All because of this notebook purchase! Maybe I’ll even start wearing glasses again…

If I were you, I wouldn’t bet too much of your first paycheck on it.

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